Noreen London jeweller brand identity

High-end British jeweller Noreen specialises in refined, exquisitely designed limited-edition and bespoke pieces created from a marriage of modern technological innovations and hand crafting. Founded by its eponymous creative director Noreen Mirza, the brand references the Arabic unisex name Noor, which translates as “ray of light”—evoking the idea of something that illuminates someone’s life by its very presence. 


Our partnership

Brand Nu was brought in to create Noreen’s branding, working across strategy, visual identity, packaging, digital and more. Initial collaborative workshops led us to a visual storytelling approach centred around the idea of a piece of jewellery being taken out of its box and the feelings that gesture evokes. These were distilled into four attributes—”Confidence”, “Uniqueness”, “Beauty” or “Being Bold”. Each of these was represented by a different illustration.

Branded visual assets 

Our visual storytelling explored the moments when a piece of jewellery is taken out of its box. Each of the four supporting illustrations paints a different picture of an empowering moment. 

Whether it's 'Confidence', 'Uniqueness', 'Beauty' or 'Being Bold', they tell their unique story within each jewellery box. 

"Brand Nu delivered exactly what I wanted. And I wanted the impossible!" 

Noreen Mirza 

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