The Art of Asking Questions

 No one has ever looked stupid for asking questions and no one ever will. Being able to get to the heart of any task is the key to being good at what you do, regardless of your profession.

Asking questions should be simple, but it can also be an art form that will help you and your clients. Just because somebody tells us what they want, it doesn’t mean that it’s what they actually need.
Our face-to-face conversations are mostly communicated non-verbally. Each tiny gesture helps to explain things. The more distant and impersonal our conversations, the more information we lose.

Knowing all this, why do we think that a short client email with basic information means full knowledge of the commission? When you think of a client brief in a Word document, you shouldn’t accept at face-value that all the information you need is there. Clients are not often designers themselves, so never take a project brief for granted.

When somebody says they want to use blue, it doesn’t always mean the blue that you can visualise. There are thousands of shades of blue — what is it that they actually want? This is where the art of asking questions is vital.

We all think we want something specific until somebody points out that, in fact, we are after something else. Even the most confident and assured client has never thought of absolutely everything. No-one has.
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The Art of Asking Questions
The Art of Asking Questions


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