Looking for Reasons

Every design problem comes with a solution. Although it’s usually hidden, it’s there, waiting to be discovered. You might find it in a day or a week, but the key is in understanding the meaning of the question.

Today, we’re surrounded by choices. Things can be any colour, any shape or any size. Most of these choices can be done with the click of a button, changing a plate or by using a different material. The key to success is to search and combine the most fitting options together.

It takes an elevated view of the situation to see all sides of the problem. It’s all too easy to start fixing an issue on one side when the others are in greater need of attention.

If you don’t understand the thing you’re designing for, you’re only creating work for yourself with the hope that you might get lucky and somebody will sign it off before you can run away.

Place yourself in the shoes of the user and observe the inner workings of the situation or product. Only then can you identify the problems, and go on to find the answers.

The style you add to a design is what demonstrates your individual voice, but the substance has to stay the same. Style acts as the coating for an inner working engine, like the paintwork of a car.

While the coating might get scratched or repainted, the engine will keep moving forward as normal.

Learn how to build engines.

Taken from Book of Ideas / www.bookofideas.co.uk



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Looking for Reasons
Looking for Reasons


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